Ten members and five associates comprise Chittenden, Murday and Novotny’s team of professionals.
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Member Phone Number
William A. Chittenden, III 312.281.3601
Donald A. Murday 312.281.3602
David J. Novotny 312.281.3603
Elizabeth G. Doolin 312.281.3604
Sean P. MacCarthy 312.281.3606
Joseph R. Jeffery 312.281.3627
Jennifer S. Stegmaier 312.281.3628
Julie F. Wall 312.281.3624
Vittorio F. Terrizzi 312.281.3642
Robert E. Loewer 312-281-3629
Joseph J. Hasman (Retired)
David F. Schmidt - In Memoriam (1958-2015)
Associate Phone Number
Craig M. Bargher 312.281.3621
Stuart F. Primack 312.281.3633
Robert S. Hunger 312.281.3615
Kaitlyn E. Luther 312.281.3646
Sara G. Janes 312.281.3625
Richard M. Poskozim 312.281.3641
Of Counsel Phone Number
Donald B. Leventhal 312.281.3600

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