CMN’s agility and efficiency stem from our insight into the nature of our clients’ businesses and the legal and regulatory environments in which they operate. CMN takes pride in our knowledge of our client’s organizational structures, their products and services, and the regulatory landscapes integral to their business operations and litigation philosophies. This in-depth knowledge provides significant advantages that give us strategic advantages over our clients’ adversaries and enhance our ability to produce consistently successful and efficient results.


CMN is structured for responsiveness. We are organized and technologically equipped to vigorously represent our clients on a moment’s notice in virtually any jurisdiction in the country. As seasoned litigation and trial attorneys, our lawyers know how to get their arms around a case quickly which translates into successful results efficiently obtained, whether through trial, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution.


CMN is results-oriented. We do not believe in cookie-cutter litigation strategies. In striving to find creative solutions to the wide variety of legal concerns our clients’ face, we rely on knowledge of our clients’ businesses and an understanding of the legal, regulatory and public relations issues they face. While we always start from the assumption that every case will go to trial and prepare accordingly, early case assessment and imaginative legal thinking often leads us down alternative paths to success. Whether through the assistance of trial/jury consultants to develop our litigation and trial themes, creative use of dispositive motions, or new forms of alternative dispute resolution, we focus on finding the most direct and effective strategy to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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